If someone were to write a book about you, how would they describe the main character? What would be the protagonist's driving force? Looking at yourself through the eyes of an author, how would your unique passions, motivations, values and skills be described. Obviously, your life is not fiction, but it is a notable task to substantively describe the essence of who you are. To begin the career exploration process, you must identify the themes in your individual story. Some say that we become more of who we are as we get older. If this is true, there is a major advantage to articulating your strengths, interests, skills and values in a tangible way will give you the foundation to build your future vocation or calling.

Here are some writing exercises you can do to get started.
  • Write about the significant points in your life and look for themes.  
  • Analyze how you make decisions, what are you doing when feel successful or proud.
  • Take stock of your unique traits.
  • Write about what you want out of life.
  • Write about what success looks like to you. 
  • Write out your short term goals and your long term goals. 
Make a Plan that will get you there. 
Schedule an appointment with a College and Career Counselor to make a plan for accomplishing your goals, identify road blocks and build on your strengths.

My Next Move

Use ONET online's MY NEXT MOVE (add link 

ONET Online has a great tool for gathering information about your dream job.  You can search for careers by just entering a few key words that describes things you love. You will be surprised to find out about interesting careers you may have never even heard of or considered.  My Next Move, through ONET, will give you a list of actual jobs related to your keys words and you can explore the knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, technology, education, salary and other jobs related to each on of the list.  This will assist you in deciding what education and skills you need to develop to get into your desired field.