Our  Resource Library is comprised of 6 (folders) to help navigate the college admissions and career process.  Click the title of each folder to explore sub-folders or content under each category.  Use the guides, worksheets, videos, blog posts, infographics, online tools, etc. or additional support resources for guidance to point you in the right direction and keep you on track – watch, read, learn, and execute. 

1. Academics & Plan

Look here for grade-level checklists, and academic guidelines including A-G requirements  

2. Self-Expertise & Skills

Look here for assessments related to career and major exploration 

 3. Pathways

Look here to continue exploring career pathways, CTE courses, and potential majors for college bound students  

4. Test & Preparation

Look here for all things related to SAT/ACT including testing timelines, setting goals for your best score, & preparation 

5. Search & Select

Look here for admissions statistics, resources for building your college list, athletic recruiting, & more 

6. Pay, Apply, Decide

Look here for guides to college applications, crafting essays & personal statements, as well as financial aid information